Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sms To Send About The Birth Of A Baby

Aliens, contact has already happened? Photo

While the SETI (which stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) continues its relentless work of searching for a signal coming from intelligent space, some claims that contact between humans and aliens have already occurred many years ago and continues today. Adding to the suspicion that this was done really helps the discovery of ancient references, such as paintings, drawings and writings found in caves and gorges scattered here and there in the world: This stems from a kind of alien influence on the people living in our planet. In fact, the whole course of our history is punctuated with news and alien character references, from art history, the evidence that "someone" has already visited and has influenced the evolution of our civilization over the centuries, are an important clue.
Apart from the alleged testimonies handed down by people lived thousands of years ago through the rock paintings and artifacts, and without entering into the wider discourse of those civilizations (Aztecs, Incas, Egyptians, etc..) Characterized by a kind "technology" which is suspected to be at least (in terms of UFO, of course) have to say that the most distant roots of "contact" as far back as 1896, when two men in California told of having met two aliens who have attempted a sort of abduction against them, but the official story from 1941 when the U.S. state Missouri (precisely at a place called Cape Girardeau) was presumably retrieved an unknown object fell for unspecified reasons: the amazing thing, resulting from the clues have come so far, but not confirmed, was that a priest administered even arrived on the scene 'extreme unction to the occupants of the UFO, thrown out after the impact. Other cases of "contact" with exttraterrestri entities were also told by people of a certain level as Cordell Hull, Secretary of State under President Roosevelt: the latter, according to the information reached the CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies) in 1999, would be sent some transparent ballot boxes containing the bodies of alien creatures from the alleged crash of a UFO in an unspecified place and time.
But the most striking case, what is the cornerstone of contact with aliens, referred to as the smoking gun (smoking gun) ufology, is presumably what happened in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. In this intriguing and controversial case, still unsolved and under investigation, many military and civilian witnesses said they saw alien bodies crashed around the object, then transported along with the material collected at various military bases to be examined.
Also our dear old Europa, avrebbe avuto il suo contatto diretto: a Malta, sempre nel ’47, un gruppo di pescatori intenti al recupero delle loro reti rimasero sconvolti nel vedere un veicolo marino galleggiante sull’acqua; spaventati alla vista dello strano oggetto si diedero alla fuga non prima di aver osservato strani lampi e piccole creature armeggiare intorno all’UFO. Il periodo che va dal 1940 al 1959 è pieno di questi presunti casi di contatto: tra i più noti da ricordare sono due casi verificatisi nel 1950, rispettivamente a Varese (Italia) e a Caracas (Venezuela), due casi nel 1952 avvenuti entrambi negli Stati Uniti, uno nel Maryland e l’altro nel Kansas, e due ulteriori casi avvenuti nel 1954, in Francia and Brazil. Later, in 1955, was one of the most bizarre cases that dealt with the contact between humans and aliens: a family of Kentucky, was literally besieged in their house for a whole night by strange alien creatures: In 1957, however there was the famous (as discussed) case of abduction Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas, the first to have sexual contact with an alleged female member of an alleged alien race in 1959 and, finally, there was another important episode of "alien contact": Father William Gill, Minister of the Anglican Church, along with 30 other witnesses had in New Guinea (Papua) several nights of encounters with UFOs and creatures alien who interacted with the terrified local population. Even in '61 there was a case of abduction was destined to become famous around the world: an alien spaceship in New Hampshire car stopped in the street and kidnapped the occupants inside were spouses Barney and Betty Hill was caught and brought on board of the ship for some medical tests. The case occurred in 1964 in Socorro (New Mexico) deserves to be mentioned: a policeman Lonnie Zamora, testified that he saw a strange object in a field about which they were tapered interacting two small alien beings who, realizing the presence of ' man fled inside the object at high speed. The following years, from 1964 to 1970, have also been characterized by episodes of contact occurred in the United States but also in Europe, that somehow draw the profile of how human progress has been observed and perhaps influenced ; from alleged race from outer space. To close the decade as some controversial cases that have occurred in Virginia in '68 when the abduction occurred in which two teenage boys who attended a summer camp and what happened in Florida where two students testified that they saw some forms of life looking out through the portholes of an unidentified flying object; not least, in 1969, reported the abduction to the authorities twenty-four by Jose Antonio da Silva, who claimed to have been blocked and taken from two small beings about four feet high during a night of fishing.
In other words, the contact is already well underway.


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