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Pope John XXIII met an alien. The narration by the voice of his personal secretary

In 1961, two years before his death, Angelo Roncalli, Pope Good, would met an alien. The meeting would take place in the gardens of Castel Gandolfo. In the presence of a special witness: Loris Francesco Capovilla. The secretary of Pope John XXIII.
The news appeared on a British newspaper and was later taken over by Sun in 1985. But no one took any notice. Today the meeting back in the limelight thanks to a video appeared on YouTube. It goes around the world. That's the whole story of a "contact" very special.
of SONIA T. Carob
walked. The lake within walking distance, the silence of one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Walked. As they had done a thousand times in those beautiful summer afternoons. Side by side. As two friends. How ordinary people. Who want to sit a bit 'on the sidelines. Outside the daily routine.
was July. One afternoon in July of 1961, when it happened.
"We had over our heads. Lights. There were colored lights. Blue. Orange. Amber. A few minutes, and then .... " And then it happened. The imponderable. The impossible. What is also difficult to tell. So in one breath. The lights are spaceships. The spacecraft are discs in the blue sky of an afternoon at Castel any Gandola. They move silently. They are. For a few minutes on those two unmistakable figures walking side by side. How ordinary people. Then
contact. One of the spacecraft separates from the flock. Lands. Stops "on the south side of the garden." The door opens and something comes out from the cockpit. It is' very human. " Just that. Just ... has a light around. A light that surrounds him.
fell to his knees. The two. Then he got up and went without hesitation to the Man. Towards that being "absolutely human wrapped in a soft light and delicate. Penetrating.
talked. "For about twenty minutes." But they could not hear those voices. "I did not hear anything." But talking about it. Gesticulating. For twenty minutes. 1200, endless, seconds. Then the Man voltò le spalle e se ne ritornò da dove era arrivato.
Lui mi guardò. E pianse.
Sembra l’incipit di un romanzo di fantascienza da quattro soldi. Eppure una ventina d’anni dopo il Sun lo spara in prima pagina. Attribuendo il racconto niente meno che a Loris Francesco Capovilla. L’arcivesco Loris Francesco Capovilla. Il segretario personale di Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. Papa Giovanni XXIII. Il Papa Buono.
Ed ora, quell’articolo e quello strano silenzio che seguì alla clamorosa rivelazione, sta facendo il giro del mondo. Grazie al Web. Grazie a YouTube.
Angelo Roncalli, riconosciuto formalmente “beato” da papa Giovanni Paolo II il 3 settembre del 2000, met an alien in his residence at Castel Gandolfo. At the gates of Rome. It was July of 1961. Witness the incredible "touch" his personal secretary. The man who for years has been regarded as the living memory of one of the most beloved popes in history. Loris Francesco Capovilla. Archbishop of Chieti, prelate of Loreto. Known to be appreciated for its reliability and its rigor.
"For years, Roncalli was held in the memory of that afternoon. And I respected his silence. They talked. And they asked me to come closer. It was the right thing. But I will never forget the words of his holiness when the man walked away and disappeared with his ship: the children of God are everywhere. Although we sometimes have difficulty recognizing our own brothers. " This would have told Pope John Archbishop Capovilla.
Fifty years after the account of that strange afternoon back in all its mystery. Leaving no doubt, perplexity, but also a glimmer of hope in those years are on the hunt for a definitive test . A test that can prove the existence of alien races.
We do not comment. Here are the facts as they told how the Sun and are reported in those hours on certain movies that run wildly on YouTube.
Link to Video
One thing worth remembering. After the failure of Obama conference on UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence on our planet, the Vatican was the first state to come forward with a statement that caused a sensation, "despite the astrobiology is a new field and a topic that is still under development, the questions concerning the origin of life and its existence elsewhere in the universe are very interesting and worth serious consideration. These questions have many philosophical and theological implications. " Signed Jose Funes. 46 years old, born in Cordoba, Argentina, and recently the new director of the Vatican Observatory, the observatory astronomico della Santa Sede.


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