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Missing Disc 1 For The Sims 2

Scotland: The story of an alien abduction simultaneous

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Colin Wright and Gary Wood

October 2009 was broadcast at the STV.TV Television, a Scottish network, what seems to be the more interesting and documented UFO incident, which was chosen for a film.

The researcher Malcolm Robinson author of UFO Cases Files Of Scotland, described the story of two men who were 'given' in Edinburgh, while they were traveling on the A70 road. The researcher Linda Moulton Howe spoke to the author to be told of the kidnapping simultaneous Gary Wood and Colin Wright.

the evening of August 17, 1992 around 20:00 the two men were on the A70, a little-used road, surrounded by fields, when the two noticed a disk that was flying on top of the street in front of them, about 50 meters from their car.

The object was very polished black and was standing about 6 feet off the ground. The two men knew exactly what they looked like planes and helicopters. The car's headlights illuminated the object that appeared to be attacked and two hemispheres, with a sort of hump on top.

initially estimated that the object was about 10 meters in diameter. This estimate was made taking as reference the roadsides.

decided to continue their journey, passing under the object from which sprang the heavy particles, gleaming silver, like flakes of snow coming down right on top of their car. Immediately plunged into complete darkness, they could not see the dashboard or their hands before his face. Thought to be dead.

The following night Gary and Colin did strange dreams, they saw a mysterious gray face approaching them. Later discovered to have some recent scars on their bodies that they had not before: the torso, arms and Colin at the base of the penis. They decided to consult Malcolm Robinson, who advised him to separate regressive hypnosis to try to discover what had happened. In 1994

separately consulted a qualified hypnotherapist to try and relive the evening of August 17. The sessions proved to be a classic scenario of kidnapping, each of them had been brought by aliens in that room seemed to be cold.

"They had slanted eyes inky blacks, had lines of red, yellow and green as the eyes and gills Cracks dark red, yellow and green. Some of these little creatures were a sort of recess at the top of the head that gave the impression of heart-shaped faces. "

At one point Colin to be remembered ' inside a large cylinder that appeared to be composed of transparent glass. He was a pipe, or about 3.5 meters high. He was sitting naked. The clear tube was surrounded by a fog. Colin continues: "There was an alien large entrance hall and 3 other aliens looking at me from out of the tube. In each tube, I saw there were people inside, without clothes, but it was difficult to distinguish because the tube seemed essere ghiacciato."

"All'improvviso qualcosa usci dalla pavimento della nave, si diresse verso i miei occhi e cominciò a muoversi ed a roteare. Immediatamente, il cilindro iniziò a congelarsi." Ed è proprio in quel momento Colin iniziò a piangere. Non appena mostrò quella emozione, il cilindro   arrestò il processo di congelamento per ritornare alla normalità. Colin non riusciva a muoversi. "Potevo solo muovere le palpebre, potevo vedere alla mia sinistra ed alla mia destra una dozzina di tubi simili con altre persone nude dentro, l'ho visto non ho dubbi!"

Mentre Colin Wright viveva quei momenti, Gary Wood era disteso su a raised table. Then, a cylindrical object like a can of silver rose from the floor and remained suspended in the air. From a projection of the cylinder went out those that seemed to be two red LEDs, which began to turn over her head . Gary suddenly noticed a puddle of liquid, a bit 'like shave gel, which began to boil on the floor of the room, from which emerged a little to be gray.

Apparently paralyzed, unable to move while he was on the table, Gary looked up and saw it as a kind of black glass oval, floating in the top center of the room. Gary explained that the object turned on itself. It measured about 1.50 m wide and 80 cm in depth. "I was almost hypnotized by this object. What could it be? What is this?

While Gary was lying and could not look away from the object floating arm gray, thin and transparent with long fingers down his chest. Gary was lying naked on the table and two small creatures were at his feet. One of them had a bright diamond shaped object that emitted pulses orange. The creature moved the object on his body. Another to be entered by a input from a lighted room.

Then he walked to his left to a woman sitting naked on the floor that had turned his back .. He kept his ginocchia verso il suo mento e le braccia cingevano le ginocchia. Piangeva e tremava forse dal freddo. I suoi capelli avevano la permanente ed avevano riflessi biondi. Molto delicatamente si voltò verso Gary che notò le lacrime che gli scendevano dal viso, poi si girò verso il muro e continuò a fissarlo. "La riconoscerei se la reincontrassi".

Gary continuò: "Alcune parole mi arrivarono nella mente e mi sforzai di capirle. Ero certo che queste parole non provenivano da me, non erano le mie. Dissi ad alta voce nella mia testa: "Perché me lo chiedi? E ricevetti: "Sanctuary". So cosa significa, ma perché me lo disse? In seguito, uno dei piccoli grigi disse: "Anche noi abbiamo delle vite come le vostre. "E' tutto".

Malcom Robinson continua: "Quello che mi stupisce è che questi sequestri sono in corso da anni, perché hanno bisogno di quello che pare essere materiale genetico dagli ovoli e degli spermatozoi? Dicono che serva per rigenerare o ripopolare un pianeta in fin di vita.

Tu ed io, Linda, sappiamo che le donne che sono da sempre rapite e ri-rapite hanno visto il loro feto ibrido, metà umano e metà alieno. Gli alieni dicono loro: "E' anche vostro".

Linda Howe ha chiesto a Malcom se i due uomini hanno identificato la parola "Sanctuary" con il Pianeta Terra.

"Alcuni mesi più tardi, una notte, Gary si svegliò e vide con To his surprise a gray beings at the foot of his bed. The being seemed to be surprised to have been discovered. Gary was in full possession of his body standing up in a hurry and wanted to show the creature all his frustration. "I jumped out of bed and threw a punch to the face, it was like hitting a papier mache doll. Cadde jumping, it was fun. Then he stopped and ran through the wall!"

Applications for Malcolm, Gary said he was sure that would not fly these things hurt the human race and keep repeating that "They want to come here ..."

are not far from us, they are very close to Earth. Gary argues that more kidnappings will occur because "they need us," are very important to them, do not want destroyed. They just need us. "


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