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Cuicuilco: a thorn in the side of archeology Orthodox

The "pyramid" Mexican Cuicuilco: a thorn in the side of archeology Orthodox
Photo by Thelmadatter (Wikipedia)
The terraced pyramid of Cuicuilco was carried out by a mammoth stone work and without making any use of lime. In its heyday, there were even the imposing cobbled streets that allowed easy access to the site. In the twenties it was partially excavated by a layer of lava that covered. All experts agree that the pyramid of Cuicuilco is the oldest structure in the valley of Anahuac, where you will find in Mexico City. Most likely, therefore, is also the first monumental building in the Americas. However, the time when the pyramid was put in place has always been hotly debated among archaeologists and geologists Orthodox academics. The first fact to attribute all the oldest buildings dating only compatible with its own dogmatic beliefs, while the latter relate exclusively to the objective results emerged from their investigations.
Photo by Thelmadatter (Wikipedia)
orthodox archaeologists believe then unanimously that the work in question was built around 600 BC, while the estimates made by geologists moving inexorably back to this date , has managed to place at least seven thousand years ago. But, as mentioned earlier, this is not an academic dispute between two schools of thought are compared on the same floor of the Galilean scientific method. The dominant view among orthodox archaeologists are in fact all based on a dogmatic doctrine developed in the late nineteenth century, when the discoveries of geologists are supported by strong geological evidence that make a difference. And according to research conducted at the site by them, the pyramid was built before the eruption of Ajusco, an event that occurred about seven years ago . The "rock experts" came to that conclusion only after it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt, by focusing on dei residui di colata lavica che avvolgeva ben tre lati della costruzione. Un angolo della piramide, infatti, √® ancora inglobato nella lava dell’antichissima eruzione, circostanza questa che rasenta una prova scientifica razionale e incontrovertibile, eppure faziosamente ignorata dalla stragrande maggioranza degli archeologi.
Photo by Thelmadatter (Wikipedia)
Ma, prima che il gotha accademico pronunciasse le sue irrevocabili sentenze, lo stesso archeologo  Byron Cummings , che fu tra i primi a scavare nel sito per conto della National Geographical Society, rilasci√≤ alcune dichiarazioni perfettamente convergenti con le scoperte dei geologi.  He stated there that the sedimentary layers above the rear eruption that led inevitably to the conclusion that the temple fell into disrepair about eight thousand years ago. supporters of more conventional theories were then consolidated to get into trouble and to save their castles of conjecture, were forced to arbitrarily move the date of the eruption in question not before 600 BC


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