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Laboratory tests prove that it belonged to the father being the famous skull 'Starchild' was not of human origin. DNA confirms it. According to Lloyd Pye will soon be official confirmation of an accredited laboratory which conducted the analysis.

has finally been revealed nuclear DNA of the 'Starchild'.

The researcher Lloyd Pye by mail following the publication discloses the incredible discoveries confirm that the now famous skull 'Starchild' is not entirely human:
Last week I met with the geneticist who worked on the DNA Starchild. He explained that now we can prove that the Starchild skull is not fully human, as we have argued for years. Now this is not a matter of "if" but "when" and "how" did this astonishing new reality.
Now, in 2010, there have been profound improvements nel processo di recupero DNA, e quei miglioramenti sono stati applicati al cranio dello Starchild ottenendo un sorprendente risultato. Il documento qui sotto mostra un chiaro e completo recupero nucleare del DNA, che non poteva essere eseguito nel 2003.

Confrontando i risultati con le informazioni della banca dati nazionale del National Institute of Health, che funge da archivio centralizzato di tutte le informazioni genetiche generate dai genetisti in tutto il mondo, e che ora copre essenzialmente tutti gli organismi viventi sulla terra, partendo dai vari virus, batteri, vari tipi di crostacei, pesci e tutti i tipi di animani e piante per concludere le scimmie e gli esseri umani, possiamo avere chiare risposte.

For many species, including humans, are already in nucleotide sequences that cover entire genomes. Therefore, the DNA sequences of the Starchild can be directly compared to this vast database to find similarities.

By comparison with the data available to us can be seen for example in Figure 1 as 265 base pairs from the Starchild's nuclear DNA is a perfect match with the human gene on chromosome 1 - the mother.

Figure 2 instead get the incredible surprises. There is no significant similarity compared to a string of 342 that function as reference - the father. This result is surprising because you can not retrieve any pair of basic treatment because there is not a copy or reference in the archives of National Institute of Health. This means that until now has never found a corollary to the ground for this analysis. This incredible anomaly will enter the Starchild skull in the history books!
This has been tested several times and the different fragments analyzed can not be matched to anything known. Nevertheless, most of the skeptics, certainly not changing position say that this is something incomprehensible land, or is a mistake because simply in view of their world, can not be true.

Fortunately, their bleats of protest can be easily overcome by running the repetition of the result, drawing information from fragments taken from the Starchild skull. According to the geneticist who has achieved these results in the coming weeks and months, many will seek to see clearly, repeating the test to find out that the genome of the skull does not come from the earth.

I would add that for now I can not reveal the name of the geneticist, nor where he worked until we are ready to formally present its findings to mondo.Tuttavia is a professional well established professionally and in which they operate is large size and is very believable. They do not want to be bombarded by the media until all is not prepared, nor I for that matter. The dream is coming true.

Lloyd Pye
The 'history' of the discovery of the skull.
Taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Starchild (in Italian "Star Child") is the name given to a Skull discovered in 1930 by a young Mexican in an abandoned mine.

The skull belonged to a skeleton buried in a tunnel, appears next to the ruins of an older woman [1].
Ray and Melanie Young, the owners of the skull, in 1999 they founded a non-profit organization called The Starchild Project.

The skull Starchild (Starchild skull) came into possession of Ray and Melanie Young [2] El Paso (Texas), after which they would have given to the scientist and writer Lloyd Pye in February 1999 [3]. . According to Pye, the skull was found around 1930 by a girl of about 13-15 years in Mexico, in a mine tunnel about 160 miles southwest of Chihuahua. The skull was buried next to a normal human skeleton lying on his back, his back [1], probably appertenuto a una donna amerinda morta approssimativamente all’età di 20-30 anni.

Il teschio è stato sottoposto alla datazione con il carbonio-14 (grazie al quale si è stabilita la sua età di 900 anni), analisi a raggi X, al microscopio atomico e TAC. L’analisi ha confermato che il teschio è composto da idrossiapatite di calcio, cioè il materiale del quale è composto il normale osso umano.

In base alle analisi effettuate sulla mascella destra superiore, pare che il cranio fosse appartenuto a un bambino di età compresa tra i 4 e i 5 anni; tuttavia il volume cerebrale ammonta a 1600 cm³, ovvero a 200 cm³ in più rispetto alla media of an adult human brain and 400 cm ³ more of an adult skull with the same size.

The skull has several apparent anomalies:
• parietal area protruding from both sides of the orbits without any trace of the normal time;
• The eye sockets are too shallow compared to the norm;
• the orbits are oval and fully quarries;
• optic nerve channels are deflected downwards and inwards to make it very unlikely the normal mobility of the eyeball [8] •
the base of the neck is in an anomalous position; •
the frontal sinuses are absent and the surface is smooth the brows until the beginning of the nasal septum.
These characteristics indicate that the child was suffering from congenital defoma the skull. According to Steven Novella, the child was suffering from untreated hydrocephalus. Adelina Chow, relying on the advice of medical specialists, concluded that "Starchild" "suffering from various human congenital defects" that caused a pronounced anomaly of brachycephaly and frontal suture.

The skull was performed DNA analysis of the BOLD Vancouver in 1999. This examination showed the presence of X and Y chromosomes, thus confirming that "Starchild" was a male child. A subsequent examination of mitochondrial DNA in 2003 to run the laboratories of Trace Genetics has shown that the skull of "Starchild" and found it belonged to along with other Amerindian haplogroups, and therefore the woman whose skull was close to that of "Starchild" could be its mother.

Starchild On pseudoscience in the unusual features of the skull were made even pseudo-scientific speculation. Lloyd Pye, and sees a similarity between the shape of the skull of "Starchild" and attributed to the alien Greys, argues that "Starchild" was a human-alien hybrid. Pye and those who follow his thesis point out that mitochondrial DNA testing in 2003 did not give information about the father who then, they say, could not be human.
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