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have learned to swim

Normally orang utan are held well clear of the water. How many monkeys, it was believed they could not swim beyond the fact that water is often synonymous with hidden beneath the surface predators such as snakes and crocodiles.
E 'was therefore a surprise when some orang utan were surprised to swim.

The bizarre behavior was observed in a group of orang utan transferred to the orphans' Kaja Island, Borneo. Enter the water for different reasons: one pair was even having sex in water.
"I think that the male chose the place because there was less chance of being interrupted by other dominant males, "says Anne Russon of York University in Toronto.

orang utan The orang utan are famous for their fear of water." They have a ' high-density body and can only sink "says Russon.
I'm so poor in some zoos have stopped swimming that we put artificial ponds to the fact that many orang utan drowned.

" One day we saw a orang utan teenager called Sif into deep water, dive and move forward with the movement of arms and legs. It was a sort of 'dog to swim'. "Even if only for a meter. But it is surprising that an orang utan is pushed into the water and try to swim.
Another surprising behavior is the use of sticks to test water depth before crossing a river or a lake.

orang utan Other orang utan dry instead found ways to cross rivers: they have learned to build bridges.
"bent tree branches and deliberately use them as bridges to cross rivers just wide. The branches are partially folded after the first use, and after many steps remain in place permanently."

orang utan
And the surprises do not end there: the orang utan have learned to fish.
"The orang utan should not eat fish. Eat mainly fruit, and rarely hunt." But some specimens were observed catch fish from rivers and eat them.
"In 2005, we saw some dead fish specimens collected during the dry season. They probably tasted the fish and said they were 'Hey, not bad', and have tried a few ways to have more," says Russon. Orang-utans

can swim - we've got pictures to test it



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