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The story of James McDonald, a courageous scientist who sought the truth about UFOs

This is the Italian translation of a commentary on the Amazon site ( ), the book "Firestorm" (literally "fire storm") Ann Druffel, who describes in detail the history of this renowned physicist and UFO researcher on the issue. More information and illustration on the courageous scholar can be found (in English) at this link ( ).
be noted that the techniques of disinformation are the same today as yesterday, and that brave scientists (meteorologists in particular) as McDonald unfortunately there are few nowadays. An exception is the weatherman Scott Stevens , Dr. Staninger, and a few others.
As for his supposed suicide is what I found and translated from the site
"Di McDonald is reported to have been depressed [ and in fact reasons to be cheerful as we saw there were NdT enough], and who has shot to the head. But, alas, did not die. He was forced to a wheelchair, but somehow, several months after his first attempt, it would also climbed into a car, he drove to a pawnshop, purchased another gun with the money from the sale of the chair wheels, drove to penetrate nel deserto e suicidarsi; il tutto da solo. Che morte conveniente, verrebbe da pensare, per i suoi avversari. E su McDonald, non ci sono dubbi, si era fatto molti nemici. La domanda da porsi è la seguente: fino a che punto questi nemici sono stati corresponsabili della morte di questo lodevole ed influente attivista?”
“Firestorm” di Ann Druffel descrive la storia di uno dei più importanti ricercatori UFO, James McDonald (1920-1971), fisico dell’atmosfera dell’Università dell’Arizona, persona più che mai qualificata per studiare scientificamente il fenomeno UFO. Dovendo, come meteorologo, guardare il cielo per lavoro (ed essendo ben different from modern meteorologists concealed) McDonald personally spotted the UFO in the 50s, and that was how he began to investigate the phenomenon. In the early 60's McDonald was able to have access to documents of the Project Blue Book (draft "study" of UFOs by the Air Force) and discovered two things:
1) the staff of Project Blue Book was not qualified to carry out an investigation in that field.
2) the project was intended to discredit the UFO sightings, and the staff of the Blue Book does not even bother to interview eyewitnesses.
the late 60s McDonald had already UFO sightings investigated hundreds of cases - including many cases of the '40s and '50s, according the Air Force had been "solved" (ie, had been found an explanation that excluded the non-terrestrial aircraft hypotext), finding instead evidence otherwise. McDonald used his expertise and scientific knowledge to criticize the claims of the "debunkers" [disinformation], such as Dr. Donald Menzel, an astronomer at university of Harvard and fierce opponent of the hypothesis that UFOs could actually exist.
Unlike McDonald, Menzel refused to interview the witnesses of UFO sightings (based on the prejudice that UFOs do not exist judged that every witness who could not return erroneous observations, and therefore considered that interview was "a waste of time"). McDonald unmasked the illogical and anti-scientific nature of 'armchair investigations' of Menzel, who was never able to replicate on a logical and scientific, but only on a personal attack, or the insults, calling McDonald a "pseudo- scientist "and an" eccentric ".
This modus operandi in respect of the investigation to the McDonald later became a habitual practice of those who opposed raising any criticism of his detailed studies and its thorough investigation, but attacking him personally. Now convinced of the seriousness of the UFO phenomenon, McDonald since 1966 tried to convince the scientific community, public opinion and U.S. politicians of the importance of conducting a scientific study of the phenomenon in his own lonely crusade.
When the U.S. government in the late '60s created the "Condon Committee" to study the UFO phenomenon McDonald hit immediately to be part of it, but despite his impeccable credentials and vast experience in its proposal was not accepted. He soon realized the reason for such a refusal, since the two people who chairs the committee, Dr. Edward Condon and Dr. Robert Low, turned out to be determined to obtain a conclusion which denies any reality to the UFO, regardless of the data collected.
The final report of the Committee Condom published in 1969 left about a third of unexplained UFO cases that were examined, but no less Condon said in the introduction that UFOs simply did not exist and that the "serious science" had nothing to be gained from the study of that subject. Undaunted, McDonald wrote numerous and detailed criticism in this report, most of which have been largely ignored by the scientific community and his opponents, but still marked the Condon Report the beginning of the end for McDonald. His strong defense of the thesis that UFOs were a serious topic worthy of scientific attention earned him much criticism within the scientific community, by people who mostly wanted to just ignore UFO sightings. Many colleagues McDonald began to avoid it, and soon found himself quickly isolated by the scientific community.
Worse McDonald came into conflict with Philip Klass, the editor of the weekly magazine "Aviation Week", and strongly against the idea of \u200b\u200bthe real existence of UFOs. When McDonald tore one of the theories to explain UFO sightings Klass - Klass assumed that many UFO were "Bells of plasma originate from the line for high voltage, a theory showed that McDonald had no scientific basis - Klass railed against McDonald personally in a blatant attempt to destroy his reputation.
was an unequal battle, since McDonald was limited to criticizing the theories of Klass and his "explanations" for UFO sightings, Klass was unaware of the scientific arguments of McDonald and focused on personal slander and innuendo. In 1970 McDonald's life was falling apart, partly because of ostracism against him by other scientists, partly because of the brutal attacks Klass, and partly to the fact that its Crusade had left him little time for his family, and his wife wanted a divorce.
In 1971 came the final blow. McDonald was called to testify before a parliamentary committee on the new Super Sonic Transport (SST - Supersonic Transport), a plane that McDonald had studied and that he believed that would damage the atmosphere. Although this issue had nothing to do with UFOs and although McDonald was not speaking of that subject, a member of the bleak New England who wanted to be built 's (SST because it would bring work to the voters of his district) tried to discredit McDonald's objections to the SST by shifting the focus hearing that McDonald believed in "little green men." This tactic caught completely off guard McDonald, and though he tried to defend his UFO studies and pointed out that the UFO had not el'SST no connection between them, the deputy repeatedly ridiculed McDonald and implied that anyone who "believed" in UFOs not could be trusted when testimony about 'SST. At the end of the hearing they could hear laughter in the classroom opened and signs of derision at McDonald's. Yet the criticisms of McDonald SST was shared by many other scientists and the project was later rejected. In any case
McDonald was personally devastated and humiliated by this unfair attack, and later went into the Arizona desert in 1971 and killed himself by shooting himself. His death was devastating for the UFO, since it lost one of its greatest leaders and spokespersons. As you notice Druffel, many of his investigations and writings (especially his brilliant essay "Science in Default" ("Science in default") remains the best in the field of UFO studies and have never been adequately refuted by his critics.
This book was written by Ann Druffel, which in addition to this excellent biographical work has also published a number of books "New Age" of dubious merit. Uno dei suoi libri è intitolato “Come difendersi dai rapimenti alieni”, un titolo che (a torto o a ragione) è stato molto ridicolizzato. Inoltre questo libro (la biografia di McDonald) è stato pubblicato non da una casa editrice tradizionale, ma da una molto piccola azienda “New Age”, cosa che sfortunatamente limiterà molto le vendite del libro e la possibilità di tendere pubblica la brillante ma tragica carriera di McDonald. Ma è anche un peccato che gli odierni discepoli di Menzel e Klass potranno utilizzare i precedenti libri della Druffel per cercare di screditare questo.


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