Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jockstrap With Skinny Jeans

discovered a new hominid. Maybe rewrite the history of the human race

lived 40,000 years ago with the Neanderthals and Sapiens, that is our direct ancestors. The doubts of some scholars

LONDON - If the team of researchers who studied a specimen found in a remote cave the Altai Mountains, in Siberia near the border with Mongolia, he is right, then history of the human race is to be rewritten.
BONE Falanga - According to Johannes Krause, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, the piece of bone of the phalanx of a finger found in 2008 in Denisova Cave, 6 km from the village of Chernyi Anui, belonged to a hominid species is different from both Neandertal from modern Homo sapiens (ie us). The find has been dated to 40,000 years ago, but at that time the only living species of hominids are known precisely Neanderthals and Sapiens. The simultaneous existence of a third previously unknown now obliged to review data for granted.
out of Africa - This result was reached by studying the mitochondrial DNA extracted from bone found. A common ancestor of the three species (Neanderthal Sapiens hominids and Altai), there was 1 million years ago, explains in the journal Nature . Having established that the Homo genus was originated in Africa and from there it spread all over the world from 1.9 million years ago with the 'Homo erectus , archaeological discoveries have shown that there are were two other migrations from Africa: between 500 000 and 300 thousand years ago that the Neanderthal and then to 50,000 years ago we men modern. But the soil samples of Denisova cave have allowed us to date the finds between 48,000 and 30,000 years ago. So the Altai hominid could have come in contact with both Neanderthals, remains of which were resold for less than 100 km from Denisova cave, with both the Altai Sapiens who attend more than 40,000 years.
HOBBIT - Not to mention that the remains found in 2003 island of Flores in Indonesia, dated to 13,000 years ago and called Hobbit could represent one quarter hominid lived in parallel with Sapiens , although on these findings, the scientific world is very divided.
SORPRESA E PRUDENZA  - «Sono estremamente sorpreso per questa scoperta», ha dichiarato Svante Paabo, direttore del dipartimento di genetica dell'Istituto Max Planck, che ha aggiunto però prudentemente che occorrerà attendere l'analisi del genoma tratto dal nucleo delle cellule dei resti per stabilire se l'ominide di Denisova appartiene a una nuova specie o più semplicemente a una linea evolutiva diversa. Una posizione di prudenza come quella espressa da Fiorenzo Facchini, professore emerito di antropologia dell'Università di Bologna, secondo il quale prima di trarre conclusioni è necessario aspettare analisi più approfondite, non soltanto sul materiale genetico ma soprattutto sui reperti archaeological. For the British expert Terence Brown, who on Nature published a commentary on the research, however, if the analysis will be confirmed, "you will be obliged to review the recent history of human colonization of Eurasia."


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