Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Current Through A Vegetable

Possible alien fragment

"UFOs exist." Or at least that is what some researchers Russia, Perm Krai, who hand an interesting artifact. Perhaps the piece of an alien spacecraft.
The analysis carried out showed that it consists almost exclusively of pure tungsten. Only one percent shows rare impurities. This purity is almost impossible to find on earth.
"The wolframite, which is ricavvato tungsten, has interesting properties and to a certain temperature becomes a superconductor - says the head of RUFORS (Russian Ufo Station) Nikolay Subbotin - In an unidentified flying object that could be any part of the propulsion system. "
Scientists, however, are very dubious. They argued that the pure tungsten tip is used to make missiles. However, there is an element that can not at present be explained. Tungsten normally oxidizes quickly. But this piece does not seem to want to know oxidize and rust.


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