Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pickture Inside A Vigaina


Photo Ibrox Stadium home of Glasgow Rangers home games

the surrounding soil was dug out and rebuilt the entire structure to its foundations. The two side stands (the Copland Stand, on the east side of the plant, and Broomloan, its opposite) are home to 7,500 spectators each. The new grandstand opposite the station, the Govan Stand, home to 11,000 seats instead. In total, the new stadium, once completed the actions necessary to its safety measures, was able to accommodate 44,000 spectators, a number considerably lower than the approximately 85,000 that was used to contain before Ristuttura: however, he simply precede Ibrox all other stages of the UK, for use with a law of 1989 to be processed in plants with only places to sit and with high safety standards. In the mid-year

Ninety a series of further amendments were adopted to increase the security of the system: the addition of a third ring in 1995 , the Club Deck, above the old grandstand of Leitch and were eliminated the last people standing. Today, the stadium can accommodate 50,411 spectators, all seated. After the last renovation, 1997, the stadium was officially renamed Ibrox Stadium.

is studying a project to expand the stadium of Rangers to other activities such casino games and multi-purpose center, for a total outlay of 150 million pounds , is also in the expansion draft capacity of 4,000 seats, but it is still discussing whether that goal should be achieved by building an additional platform or lowering the playing field.


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