Friday, April 11, 2008

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by alloy

Fabio Di Bella, dell'Armani Jeans Milan playmaker, his first Milan derby Canterbury presents us with the race on Sunday at noon against the DatchForum Dalmonte team coach.

"It's a derby and I felt very very happy to be able to play. Fortitudo-Virtus I skipped because it played a few days after I moved to Olympus, but I can play Milano-Cantu and I can not wait. It's an important game, it goes beyond the simple derby, there are two main points to be won in key playoff. Winning them would come in during the first 8 dirittto, winning us, however, would leave just four points at Canterbury, with a 2-0 win in head to head, and we will present themselves as sixth in the league in the final three games. It would be a truly important.

I know that race is a deeply felt by the two cities, by the two sides, the derbies are always fascinating, started with a special atmosphere, beautiful to play.

I hope that there is a lot of people to DatchForum that there is great enthusiasm that derby is a beautiful to see and, of course, Armani Jeans could eventually bring home the two points.

We are working well in the gym, there are clearly defined role in the team, everyone knows what can and must provide for a common goal which is to do well for the team. After a strange start of the season, AJ is having a growing season: the missing four games at the end of the regular season are fundamental ones that can change a season. We must remain concentrated, that is the derby with Canterbury, which are the two races next week's hull and Avellino in Campania or the game against Fortitudo, we take the field with the same determination, the same concentranzione, the same intensity to try to conclude the regular season as best as possible and present it to the playoffs. "

first leg, on 16 December to Pianella, was to be imposed on the Armani Jeans 79-70 with 22 points apiece to Sesay and Gallinari.


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