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DATE: July 6, 2008
- Capannelle racecourse Via Appia Nuova 1245 - Rome ( RM)
July 11, 2008 - Parco Novi Sad Modena Viale Monte-Kosica



MODENA: Parking Admission € 34.50
ROME: Parking Admission € 36.80

fter a full house in Milan, the band announced the big revelation back in our country for over three appointments in March. Due to a problem on the vocal cords of the singer of the band the three concerts were canceled. For more information about See''Information on sales.''

Turin on March 23, Palaolimpico - CONCERT CANCELLED
Rome March 25, Palalottomatica - CONCERT POSTPONED TO 6 JULY - TICKETS ON SALE! March 26
Casalecchio di Reno (Bo), Palamalaguti - CONCERT CANCELLED, NEW DATE 11 July MODENA (PARCO NOVI SAD)

Group Members

The Tokio Hotel group is made up of four young Germans: the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer.

  • Bill Kaulitz was born on 1 September 1989 to Leipzig, and is the singer of the group.
  • Tom Kaulitz, twin brother ( homozygous ) Bill, is the guitarist group and the composer of the instrumental songs [ citation needed] .
  • Gustav Schäfer is the drummer of the group. He was born the ' 8 September 1988 to Magdeburg.
  • Georg Listing is the bassist group. He was born on March 31 1987 and is the largest of the four.


In 2001, Bill and Tom met Gustav, during a concert in Magdeburg . Georg Gustav presents them to know that the conservatory. Together, the four formed a band called Devilish and began performing in numerous clubs in and around Magdeburg, in Germany. In 2003

Bill Kaulitz is in the talent show Star Search and is noticed by producer Peter Hoffmann it starts to make way for the group through numerous performances. In

2004, the four they rename the group Tokio Hotel, a name which, according to what they said [citation needed ] , combines the name of the Japanese capital , Tokyo, choice so dynamic and growing city, the term Hotel, referring to the fact that the professional activities forces them to spend most of their time just in hotel. That same year, the group began working with a group of producers Hamburg: the aforementioned Peter Hoffmann, Pat Benzner , Dave Roth and David Jost, who help to make their approach more professional.

Hoffmann introduces the band to many record companies Sony BMG and finally decided to put Tokio Hotel under contract. In

2005, Tokio Hotel get a deal with Universal Music .


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