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TICKETS - Juventus vs AC MILAN - April 12, 2008

Juventus and Milan to sell out

Juventus-Milan, big match of the 14th day of return, he began his march towards. Five days after the race, scheduled for Saturday, April 12 (20.30) at the Olympic Stadium, part of the ticket sales. 16

From today, Monday, April 7, so you can buy a few tickets still available. With the sale of subscriptions for the last three races on the calendar (Milan, Lazio and Catania), some areas are already sold out (in addition to curves, even the West Stand Level 1 East Side and the Tribune). And the forecast is a fast depletion in the rest of Olympus. Like any self-respecting Juventus-Milan.

The only limitations are in the field decided by the Centre host: only one coupon (non transferable) to the viewer.



Sectors (€) Under 16 (€) U-18 Women Disabled
Central Stand Level 2 230, 00 115.00 - - -
West Stand Level 2 120.00 60.00 - - -
Forum Family 70.00 - 35.00 35.00 -
Tribune West Side 70.00 - - - -
East Stand Tier 1 TIM 90.00 - - - 70.00
TIM East Stand Level 2 120.00 60.00 - - -
TIM East Stand Tier 3 90.00 - - - 70.00

Away: information


The sale of tickets for guests sector begins Monday, April 7 at all the receivers of the Juventus FC (click here to know).
For the race in question, also on admissions industry guests will be in force the following restrictions:
- you can buy one ticket
head - the coupons are not transferable, so you can not make the change of name


remember that, as determination of the National Observatory on Sports Events No 14/2007 of 08 March 2007 or choreographies to display banners you must apply to Juventus FC in time and manner prescribed by the Company. Click here for all the info and to download the necessary form to fill out and send to Juventus FC.


access and stay inside the Olympic Stadium constitutes acceptance of the regulations governing use of the system : click here to consult the regulations and all information about it.


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