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Le Creuset What Do The Numbers On Bottom Mean

STAGES - Artemio Franchi Florence


The areas are respectively the central Tribune, the Tribuna Marathon dominated by the aforementioned tower, the Curva Fiesole , which brings together the main part of the oldest and typhoid organized in Florence, and Curva Ferrovia .

The names of the curves are due to the direction they are placed, as Fiesole is a town near Florence and the railway, however, is the national that passes very near the stadium. La Curva Ferrovia, after the death of Mario Cecchi Gori , also took a few years, the name of Marione curve, in honor of the former president of Fiorentina . The sector

host a portion of the curve and the Railway Forum Marathon, it is called by the local cheese , because of its segmented form. Since 1990

, after the enlargement of capacity, there are also the Parterre in place of the athletics track.


Franchi stadium has always maintained a certain fascination for its outstanding architectural beauty, not a short time, however, reserve problems efficiency and functionality, especially with the demands of modern football.

The plan D, if not create major problems from the stands, significantly reduces visibility when cornering, especially in parts near the grandstand, far removed from the field the same parterre, inserted later, hindering the view of the far corners of the same side of the game. Addition, the spiral staircase, though architecturally pleasing, do not encourage the inflow and outflow of spectators.

For these reasons a long time, at least for football, we talk about a renovation or even building a new stadium in Florence. In this regard, the City of Florence waited 's decision the allocation of UEFA Euro 2012 , where the' Italy had been allocated the competition there was a possibility to use extra funds for the renovation of Italian stadiums. UEFA has chosen instead Poland and Ukraine .

Following approval of the decree of the anti-violence February 7 2007, the stadium in Florence is considered ineligible under the new safety standards, lacking even the turnstiles at the entrances of various sectors and the area pre-filtering outside the plant. All this forces the local football team to face a home game of the season without the contribution of their audiences, while advancing through the work, the next two games are played in the presence of subscribers. As of April 8, 2007, with the match Fiorentina - Ascoli (4-0) was restored access to all areas even for non-subscribers. All the turnstiles are functioning and the fence of "pre-screen mobile has been completed for all areas.


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