Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Time Qb Spiked Ball To Stop Clock

nicolaingiappone A header for # 03: OniBaka

I had an idea, one day ask a few artists, photographers, designers, poets etc.. to make a header for my blog, created their art with each artist its creator and inspired the blog itself or the entity in question, Japan.

OniBaka (with two capitals), aka Davide De Rose Veltri: illustrator, sculptor, painter, aspiring cartoonist and especially big fan of Japan.

That strange man who is preparing to hit me with a rolling pin as I try to convince Shiho for the millionth time to eat sushi is one of his characters, the "demon of the kitchen, directly from the cartoon" Chili Blues "produced by him. Hot Pepper Blues is a story that brings together various topics, all approached in ironic and zany, such as the kitchen and the fighting. The story tells of a small Italian restaurant in Tokyo, just Pepper the Blues and his wacky chef, Gualtiero little mess (everyone calls Gugu Chan for obvious problems to pronounce his name) and his climb to the heights of food critics in the megalopolis of Japan, as well as the rivalry with a famous and grim cook Japanese cuisine that is fighting for the title of best chef in Tokyo.

You can read this and millions of his other projects on his blog ( www.onibaka -com) and the group of cartoonists blog to which it belongs, Manga factor.

Thanks David for your contribution!


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