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“Spesso, guardando delle opere di donne, mi sono rattristata per lo strazio che esse esprimevano, uno strazio che rasentava l'orrore. Avrei voluto contemplare la bellezza creata da donne, e mi trovavo davanti all'infelicità, alla suffering, nervous tension, sometimes even the ugly.
Art, to which I had thought of as a moment of happiness, of rest, compensation compared with the dispersion of daily life, and the unification of communication or communion, became the occasion of a pain or an additional weight .
Among these women there too. And, although I avoid writing and to show bad things, I often expose the painful reality. I put them out as far as I can, through a beautiful writing, which may mitigate, as I hope, the effect of the devastation that these revelations can produce. I strive also to define or to discover something positive, mentre enuncio qualcosa di negativo”.
Luce Irigaray, Come costruire la nostra bellezza
CommunicACTION è un progetto che ruota attorno ad una collezione di gioielli e, oltre a sensibilizzare circa la piaga delle mutilazioni genitali femminili (MGF) , creando un ponte tra i paesi in cui questa pratica è presente e l’Occidente con le sue comunità di immigrati, intende creare micro-economie locali che coinvolgano le donne che subiscono tale pratica.
Il progetto é pensato per il Mali (Africa) where the percentage of FGM, compared to the total female population is 92%, but is easily workable on all the states where this practice persists. It is assumed the

wire bonding as a plot, as part of a network connection or development of a story, as a "guide and solution in the chaos of existence," as the basic unit of natural fibers textile, and then element of cultural tradition and social tool for survival and development of peoples, the link between different cultures. This wire becomes
generator tool for women's groups in Mali, weaving and shaping their ideas, feelings and experiences, revisit their traditions filled with meaning, imagination intertwine their lives, giving it shape.
A thread that becomes the fabric and then jewel ( CommunicACTION-jwls ) , which closes like to conclude a journey, a symbol of life and its cycle, with its consequential events.
CommunicACTION said, according to a defined symbol alphabet, the story of these women violated. Each sign the fabric is a important event in their lives, the mark left by the events in their lives: birth, falling in love, the first sexual intercourse, illness, childbirth, female genital mutilation, violence, dowry, marriage, the loss of someone, and so on.

Each piece is created according to local traditions, unique history and geographical location, with the support of creative workshops ( CommunicACTION-Labs ) managed by local operators or not.
In this way they create micro-local economies as a small chance of emancipation from poverty and underdevelopment in these women, and you try to get them to confront and overcome their trauma, desecrating the rules of a patriarchal society, and come istruite circa la gravità di situazioni cui soggiacciono, laddove serve ed è possibile.
Rispettando le tradizioni artigianali si consente il mantenimento della loro identità culturale e sociale, si evitano forzature assolutamente poco produttive, e si danno in mano a queste donne gli strumenti che meglio conoscono, per una totale libertà di espressione.
Questi gioielli-eventi sono i tasselli pubblici di varie storie private, narratori di territori interiori e geografie indefinite da esplorare, terreni di sperimentazione tecnica e concettuale, ancore di salvataggio.

Altro importante elemento del sistema è il sito Web ( CommunicACTION-web ) where, in addition to an impressive documentation of the issue of FGM, the condition of women in the world and the violence they perpetrated (public and searchable database) are These women's stories of the project CommunicACTION, their thoughts and their products that are affordable: You can "buy" the stories so they can share a multitude of wires that run in parallel, meet, interweave, accompany, resemble .
The website also has the distinction of being in direct contact with each jewel of the collection, and to communicate with it: it is, in fact, of jewels "smart", thanks to bundles of fiber optics and LEDs , suitably programmed, interact with the site and respond to their stimuli, making them visible to the surrounding world; a spectrum of emotions and information transferred on a soft surface, for immediate communication between virtual and real, and jewel-covered me, oggetto-gioiello/me and others.

The idea is to have a jewel, changing, "warn its owner" of news about the theme for which it was created: the genital mutilation female.
slight flow of light through the jewel in a different way and coded, depending on whether you are "good or bad news."
It is thus continuously updated about the "achievements" accessible ( GOOD news ) :
- testimonials and / or new cases of women / girls / girls saved from mutilation in developing countries and in immigrant communities in Europe;
- creation of new centers for the sexual and reproductive health, and education of women and girls in this regard;
- improvement of family planning clinics and health centers materno-infantile;
- pianificazione e/o attuazione di nuovi programmi, in Africa e in Europa, per l'eliminazione della violenza di genere e l’abbandono della pratica delle mutilazioni genitali femminili;
- nuove collaborazioni per la creazione di centri documentazione, informazione (con campagne tematiche, conferenze, eventi, etc.) e stampa sui diritti delle donne;
- nuovi progetti di design, architettura, grafica, arte, moda, etc. concernenti la piaga delle MGF;
- nuovi corsi di formazione sulle tematiche di genere nei vari settori di intervento per operatori locali e non;
- nascita e/o sviluppo di micro-economie locali, come ad esempio la creazione di circuiti di imprenditoria femminile;
- Birth and / or development of centers for job creation;
- approval of policy measures, laws and / or allocation of adequate resources;
- new negotiations successfully concluded;
- birth and / or development of centers of education and education for boys and girls, including scholarships for the effective exercise of the right to study,
- any initiative aimed at the problem.

The site contains also the "defeat" (BAD news) : the discovery of new cases of FGM, the targets are not met, the funds have not yet been found, the initiatives that have had good feedback / results, the villages where the operators have failed, in short, all areas in which still need to engage and work so that it creates, or takes root at all, an awareness of gender relations, the specific needs of women and the conditions of violence to which they are subject.

From the moment the jewel "signals" a "news", revealing an event or a new connection, the owner "can be found, and always be updated, speaking with comments or suggestions, features images, giving a bit of itself, may also advertise the site by creating in this way, a network of information sharing, adding a major piece by one, more than ever necessary, opera di sensibilizzazione di massa.

Altro importante elemento di comunicazione è il gioiello stesso che, grazie al suo carattere altamente innovativo (per la tecnologia utilizzata), stimolerà interesse e curiosità nell’”altro”, generando un inevitabile passaparola che, come è noto, è la miglior forma di comunicazione.
Le forme di comunicazione non verbale sono, in molti casi, più efficienti poiché più dirette: coinvolgono, infatti, le nostre emozioni più viscerali che, se opportunamente stimolate, sopraffanno qualsiasi altro senso.
Si tratta comunque di un’“arma a doppio taglio” poiché questa forma of sensory communication needs to be contextualized to be understood. You inevitably get into the game the owner of the object, interacting with others, is the bearer of knowledge, and a proponent of sharing network around the problem. The jewel
s in fact requires the direct participation of the user: an "object-embryo" betting on its ability to survive at the very moment of his initial encounter with the carrier, and based on the latter on his way.
This project is intended as a kind of jewel "oggetto-evento/manifesto" , a product whose birth, life blood and sense that there are consequential to the evolution of events: certain and decisive.

Further action for the root system is CommunicACTION expand the creative workshops, support the project, including the fact we are most familiar: create ad hoc workshops for women belonging to immigrant communities in Europe (which is still present in the practice of FGM, along with many other forms of violence, subjugation and restriction of personal freedom) and for any woman who has suffered violence or trauma related to their body and their sexuality (eg, a cancer of the breast or uterus, the loss of a child, an abortion and so on).
It is "therapeutic laboratories" to confront their demons and to heal the wounds groped through the manual, doing, collaboration and sharing of their own history, creating jewelry that are scars that others will move on, battles "I" I won.

wear these jewels like wearing the skin of other people, be part of their history, but also share the joys the sorrows, understand their way.


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