Friday, November 12, 2010

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Some news on Facebook ... nicolaingiappone

I have spent the last few days to crack your head on the HTML for this blog able to do what I am presenting today officially: the new form of quick comments on the Facebook Platform. Anyone who has commented on this blog in the past, or any other blog, will certainly have noticed that often the comments system is particularly confusing to non-members that cookies do not remember that you were already there and thus enter username and password , anti-spam verification codes, or even the necessity of having to register (as I had to comment on a blog platform Splinder a friend).

few months ago -Facebook Developers has released the new platforms to give the possibility to authors Site and Blog create real applications and integrate these with the audience with their Facebook pages : I found some interesting comments -box, which allows you to comment on the page where the plugin is installed using the cookie of your Facebook account (in my opinion far more stable than all other cookies).

But let's see in detail the news that from now on you will find at the end of each post:

1) There will always be an opportunity to comment with your account with Blogger your Google account using the classic Feedback Form : as usual, just click the link " comments. Remember that you can comment in this way even if you do not have a Google or Blogger account by simply selecting the "Name / URL" in the options under "Choose an identity", just below the comment form, and writing his own name or nick-name in the "Name" and your email address or the address of your site or blog or anything in the "URL".

2) Having a login cookie on Facebook active (you will understand why you'll see the photo on your Facebook profile next to the comment form and written in the form that says "access run as [
Facebook user ] ) Facebook, you can click on the button "like" : the counter of "like" is internal to the blog post and every user who clicks this option will appear in his Facebook profile this little post of recent activity ...

... that says "A [ Facebook user ] like [ title of the post ] to nicolaingiappone .

Always having an active login cookie on Facebook you can leave a comment to this post . By default, for any comments incorporated in the blog will see the following post by the application "nicolaingiappone> \u200b\u200bincredible things in Japan" on a bulletin board of the Facebook user profile that says ...

3) E 'can clear the checkbox " public on my Facebook profile " already active in the default format of the comment, not receive any notification in the bulletin of the profile . The application "nicolaingiappone> Cose Incredibili In Giappone" non vi chiederà di accedere alle vostri dati personali, non preoccupatevi è un'applicazione innocua!!

Nel comments box di Facebook non sono consentiti i commenti da parte di utenti esterni a Facebook: non posso ricevere alcuna notifica di un commento anonimo su questo plugin quindi chiunque non avesse un account Facebook può commentare nei commenti del blog cliccando su "commenti" alla fine del post.

Nella pagina post di ogni articolo e nella side-bar del blog ora c'è questo " like-box " che consente di iscriversi al gruppo Facebook nicolaingiappone > In Japan, amazing things to see and remotely and in real time the information published in the bulletin of the group.

For allergic to Facebook in the sidebar then there is a new live streaming of the box ' Twitter account linked to nicolaingiappone , a convenient and practical to follow the blog updates using Twitter as a news-feed.

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable help of Gil Goldshlager , the Facebook Developers engineer who wrote all of the tutorials for implementing blogs and sites of the codes of these applications and that helped me personally (by the small hours as tonight) to implement the code and wrote a custom PHP file notifications that suits my blog. Gil THANK YOU! Onibaka I also thank for having paid to do beta testing!

For those interested in implementing these features in your blog or Web site, here is the link to the tutorial (you have to know English):

- Tutorials for the implementation of the button-like sites and blogs.
- Tutorials for the implementation of the bundle comments -box and button-like sites and blogs.
- Tutorials for the implementation of the bundle comments -box-like and button in the Blogger blog.
- Tutorial to activate the notification service for the comments-box sites and blogs.
- Tutorial to activate the notification service for the Blogger blog in the comments box.

We have to whip this comments-box!


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