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Non Reactive Saucepan Dutch Oven


"From the history of things, it appears that form of time, there emerges a portrait of collective identity, be it a tribe, or class, or nation. The history of the objects can be represented as if the wires or lines genealogical or formal sequences, and also the history of each is linked to that of others. "
George Kluber

The second concept also uses the web site of ' AIDOS - Italian Association for Women in Development ( http:// ) as a carrier system.

The concept provides a collection of jewelry that, in addition to raising awareness about the scourge of female genital mutilation (FGM) , creating a bridge between the countries where this practice is the West with its immigrant communities , aims to create micro-local economies involving women undergoing the practice.

It is assumed the wire bonding as a plot, as part of a network connection or development of a story, as a "guide
solution and in the chaos of existence," as the basic unit of natural textile fibers, and then an element of tradition cultural and social tool for survival and development of peoples,
link between different cultures. This wire becomes
generator tool for women who weave
and shape their ideas, feelings and experiences, revisit their traditions
filled with meaning, imagination intertwine their lives, giving it shape.
A thread that closes, and becomes a jewel, as a path to conclude
, symbol of life and its cycle, with its consequential events.

are arranged along the edge of the pieces created by these violated women, each representing a important event of their lives:
birth, falling in love, first sexual intercourse,
illness, childbirth, female genital mutilation, violence, dowry, marriage, the loss of someone, and so on.
Each piece is created by local craftsmen, very different history and geographical location, with the support of creative workshops run by local operators or not.
In this way they create micro-local economies as a small opportunity to emancipation from poverty and underdevelopment
for these women, and you try to make their address and
superare i propri traumi, dissacrare le regole di una società di stampo patriarcale, e venire istruite circa la gravità di situazioni cui soggiacciono, laddove serve ed è possibile.
Rispettando le tradizioni artigianali si consente il mantenimento della loro identità culturale e sociale, si evitano forzature assolutamente poco produttive, e si danno in mano a queste donne gli strumenti che meglio conoscono, per una totale libertà di espressione.
Questi “pezzi-eventi” sono i tasselli pubblici di varie storie private, narratori di territori interiori e geografie indefinite da esplorare, terreni di sperimentazione tecnica e concettuale, ancore
di salvataggio.

Sul sito web, as well as an impressive documentation
about the status of women in the world and the violence they perpetrated, there are the stories of these women, their thoughts and their products that are affordable: You can buy "events" more women and mixed together, at the bottom of these threads, these stories run parallel, meet, intertwine,
accompany, resemble one another.
The various parts and assembled products will be assembled by the buyer
on a preset, which can, for example, be composed of transparent spheres to fill or "accommodation" to be attached to each other. Another hypothesis is

expand i laboratori creativi , di supporto
al progetto, anche alle realtà a noi più familiari: creare laboratori
ad hoc , gestiti da associazioni quali l’AIDOS, per le comunità di immigrati in Europa (nelle quali è tuttora presente la pratica delle mutilazioni, insieme a moltissime altre forme di violenza, sottomissione e limitazione della libertà personale) e per qualsiasi altra donna che abbia subito episodi di violenza o traumi legati
al proprio corpo e alla propria sessualità (ad esempio un cancro
al seno o all’utero, la perdita di un figlio, un aborto e così via).
Si tratta di “laboratori terapeutici”
to face his own demons and to heal the wounds groped through the manual, doing,
collaboration and sharing its history, the creation of jewelry that are
scars that others will move on, battles that "I" I won.

As with the previous concept, the jewel
act as word of mouth, and you can participate actively in discussions and be constantly updated through the website and, specifically,
sections devoted to the project.
Wearing this jewelry will be like wearing the skin of another individual, be part of its history, but share the joys
particularly pain, understanding the way.

storyboard concept

map hierarchy involved in the system

map flow diagram of the system


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