Monday, July 5, 2010

How To Bend Wood Model Ship


“Avevo fino allora goduto di una grande ingenuità, e all'improvviso, in un ritorno di me stessa, quell'andata e ritorno dello sguardo fra
il mio corpo disteso e il mio corpo eretto, mi ritrovavo estremamente indifesa”.
Catherine Millet

1. The CBF, Centre pour le Bien-être des Femmes- in Burkina Faso was created between 2005 and 2007, financed dall'AIDOS, arch. Riccardo Vannucci
2. African necklace , Rebecca Lolosoli (for FGM)
3. Earrings , KAI Collections (for FGM)
4. STOP FGM bag! , Carmina Campus

5. Shelby Lee Adams , Amnesty International
6. Fatima Siad , supermodel, speak about her fgm, People Magazine, 2008
7. La modella somala Waris Dirie ha prestato il proprio volto alla prima campagna in italia contro le MGF

8. Against Violence to Women. To women, Lourdes Zolezzi, Mexico, 2000
9. Corpo negato e diritto del corpo : artisti nigeriani contro la pratica delle mutilazioni genitali femminili
10. Artists United Against FGM. Foto di Angèle Etoundi Essamba
11. Artists United Against FGM. Performance di Christina Henrysson
12. A Day of A.W.E. African Women's Empowerment. Female genital mutilation and domestic violence-myths, norms and clarity , Brooklyn Museum of Art

13. Untitled , Stella Dreis, Germany
14. Somalia Flag , Icaro Doria, Brasile. Agency Draft FCB Lisbon
15. Speak now or... , Anahi DeCanio. Stop violence against women 2009, Northern California Amnesty International
16. Bernstein Windows , Gerda Meyer (seeks to help break the silence about the widespread practice of FGM)
17th Circumcision , kasha Beyer, Germany
18th Untitled , Katrin Funcke, Germany
19th Untitled , Sunne Walter, Germany
20th Untitled , Melanie Wolter, Germany
21st Untitled , Illustrella Burkahrd, Germany

22nd Think aux genital mutilations , Unicef \u200b\u200b
23rd Stop excision , World Vision, Mali

24. Campaign Hygienic protectors for women’s swimming costumes with an image of a razor blade, AMAM (association of women against genital mutilation)
25. Text Postal free , AMAM (association of women against genital mutilation). Just won an IAA Responsibility Award 2008. Agency Contrapunto Advertising, Barcelona, Spain
26. Campaign We are appealing for witnesses, CAN YOU HELP US? , FORWARD (Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development), UK

27. Pleasure , Stop Excision. Agency SUPER!, Ivry, France
28. If we don’t protect young women , Womankind WorldWide
29. Only whores need a clitoris , Sharia Law in Britain
30. Female circumcision has nothing to do with religion , Aktion Mensch, Germany
31. Mutilate Torture , Martin Mendelsberg, Denver, USA
32. Stop violence against women , Amnesty International
33. Condemned to feel nothing , AMAM (association of women against genital mutilation)

34. Try it , Weronika Kowalska
35. For Women’s Rights , Eren Arslan, Turkey
36. a very shocking message combined with an interview of a Somalian lady who experienced FGM , Kilimanjaro Magazine
37. African women , Marco Dugo
38. Cut it off , Daniela Gumiel
39. Njeri , drawing Julia Briemle, scenario Shohreh Jandaghian, Germany
40. Untitled , Hannes Neubauer, Germany
41. It’s only a nightmare , Sabine Bazan, Germany
42. FGM , Hans-Bernd Dreis, Germany
43. Untitled ,
44. Let us... , Katja Kamm, Germany
45. Untitled , Mazan, France
46. Untitled , Birgit Jansen, Germany
47. Untitled , Michaela Wagner, Germany
48. One in the eye , drawing Mirja Engelhardt, Robi scenario, Germany
49. Satire A Day Of , Elisa Laget, France
50. FGM: the great wound in the body of women , Graphics, Cristina Chiappini. Publication Aidosnews 04/2006, AIDOS
51. NO , Carla Mueller, Austria
52. Untitled , Beate Kopp, Germany
53. No! , Sabine Bazan, Germany
54. Untitled , Angel Boligan

55. Screw on the way , screenplay and director Cristina Mecca, 2009. Docu made in the project of female genital mutilation and human rights in immigrant communities
56. Femicide - Feminicide - Action for Women , video B. Atzori, P. Lipari, S. Orlandi, S. Polito
57. Cutting silence, short film by Reina-Marie Loader
58. The Cut , Linda May Kallestein. Short documentary about the traditional rite of passage into womanhood genital cutting
59. Moolaadé , a film by Ousmane Sembene, 2004

60. Because you are a girl , Joy Frempong, Switzerland / Ghana. Fabrica Music Collection CD Series, FABRICA MUSICA. Exhibition Les yeux ouverts
61. Taken from the show The Vagina Monologues , play by Eve Ensler


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