Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chaining Shiny Heart Gold Pokemon


"I want a strike where to meet everyone. A strike of arms, legs, hair, strike someone in each body. I want a strike di operai, di colombe, di autisti, di fiori, di tecnici, di bambini, di medici, di donne.
Voglio un grande sciopero, che arrivi sino all'amore. Uno sciopero dove si fermi tutto, l'orologio, le fabbriche, lo stabilimento, le scuole, l'autobus, gli ospedali, la strada, i porti.
Uno sciopero di occhi, di mani, di baci.
Un grande sciopero dove non sia permesso respirare, uno sciopero dove nasca il silenzio per ascoltare i passi del tiranno che si allontana".
Huelga, poesia di Gioconda Belli, scritta a Citta' del Messico nel 1976 e pubblicata nella raccolta Linea del fuego in 1978.

1. Tammy Vitale. Chalkboard paint Torsos
2. Visual Voices: the Freedom of Expression
3. Human rights violation
4. Artists United Against FGM. Maria Łobez, necklace
5. Against Violence to Women. The famous Guerrilla Girls Print

6. Barbies Mummified , autore a me ignoto
7. a me ignoto
8. W.U.R.S.T. Wild Urban Rebel Sausage Trophy , Christina Berger
9. “Casa dolce casa” , Barbara Pelizzon, Ad Federica Gallo
10. Untitled , Cuban artist José Gómez Fresquet (Frémez), poster, circa 1970. Silkscreen on paper.
11. Dirty Market Theatre , Author unknown to me

12. Untitled , Andy Armstrong
13. Untitled , Nan Goldin

14. Country Women's Aid , Chris Sherlock, Ireland
15. To commemorate World AIDS Day the Cape Argus used Their numbers on the top of page Every page of the newspaper, to educate the public about AIDS. Were Collected All the statistics from UNICEF and the South African Department of Health
16. Ambient marketing campaign of denunciation of domestic violence. front doors to some residents have found this rug. Germany
17. It's time you spoke, Against Domestic Abuse, City of Hope, Dubai
18. Women on the verge of a crisis of ... , March 8, 2009. Stories of women (inspired by the board game "Guess Who?" Launched by the U.S. in the eighties MB)
19. Every hour a woman is abused , Gabriela National Women's Organization. Clock given to offices and public building to help stop this disturbing trend

20. Domestic Violence , Aware HelpLine
21. Non offrire la dote , campagna contro la dote in India, The Sisterhood Collective
22. Stop Slavery ,
23. Against Sexual Violence ,
24. In a corner: domestic violence , BaF
25. Domestic violence hurts everyone ,
26. Celebrate International Women’s Rights Month , Philippine Daily Inquirer
27. Women protesting against human rights violations. Good50x70 /// 2009. Anatoliy Omelchenko & Nataliia Lyzenko, USA
28. Partner’s violence in Japan , Amnesty International
29. Domestic Violence , a me ignoto
30. Tu boca, fundamental contra los fundamentalismos , Articulación Feminista MarcosuR
31. World Day Against Violence Against Women , Oliviero Toscani for Women Phone
32. Violencia Doméstica , APAV (Apoio à Vitim)

33. African woman is the pillar of her community , Joly Melanie
34. Dominancy of man , Demet Evren Atinc & Elvin
35. Promotional poster for self-defense courses , Sexyshock, 2006
36. Bombreast , Silvio Michele Lorusso
37. Speak up , Weronika Kowalska
38. Right to health , Eva Chudomelova
39. Women's Rights Violation in Iran , posted by Sunny Balliette on
40. For Women’s Rights , Fang Yi Liu
41. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women , Spain
42. Love for sale , Barbara Kruger

43. Il corpo delle donne , documentario a cura di Lorella Zanardo, Marco Malfi Chindemi e Cesare Cantù, 2009
44. Donne Bottino di Guerra , RadioRai 3 Scienza, 2009
45. Deadgirl , regia di Marcel Sarmiento e Gadi Harel, soggetto/sceneggiatura di Trent Haaga, 2008, USA
46. This film is not yet Rated , independent documentary film, directed by Kirby Dick, produced by Eddie Schmidt, 2006
47. Femminicidio - Feminicide - Action for women , video di B. Atzori, P. Lipari, S. Orlandi, S. Polito
48. Human Trafficking is Torture by any other name , with Emma Thompson, commissioned by The Body Shop and the Helen Bamber Foundation
49. I monologhi della vagina , opera teatrale di Eve Ensler

50. SHE SAYS , “The world is pretty much half men, half women. So why are there hardly any females in the creative departments of most digital agencies? We decided to stop chatting about it and do something. SheSays holds events, where top females in the industry share their thoughts and help people get started and work their way up”,
51. Window displays at Barneys in New York City (USA) , two mannequins, wearing dresses from Helmut Lang and ALC
52. Adopt a Country Club of the mother and godmothers of AIDOS , AIDOS (Italian Association for Women in Development), designed by Cristina Chiappini
53. Hit the Bitch playing shock violence against women, Denmark
54. Take Back The Tech , a collaborative campaign Annually That Takes place from 25 November (International Day Against Violence Against Women) to Dec 10 (International Human Rights Day), the “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence”: it is a call to everyone - especially women and girls - to take control of technology to end violence against women.
55. Sexyshock , flyer,


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