Monday, June 28, 2010

Show Me A Measles Rash


[...] a reminder that behind the rhetoric of the speeches and policies to tackle violence against women (which almost everyone, even today, continue to believe is only the sexual violence and not the domestic, economic, social, cultural ..) is the same now as then, and is at the service of patriarchy. [...] Woman object "as woman ". Even today, the woman becomes important as mother, wife, daughter, whore: that as a "functional" to the male.
femicide is this: any violent social practice staff or physically or psychologically, that threatens the integrity, the mental and physical development, health, liberty or life of the woman, with the aim of wiping out the identity of the subject through physical or psychologically into submission or death of the victim in the worst cases.

A type of cultural violence that most women
agree to suffer in silence:
the commodification of the female body through the media
Top: For, Men's Magazine, Tom Ford For Men; Durex XXL; BMW

[...] Feminicide is a social fact: the woman is murdered in his subjectivity as a woman, why not agree to job that the man or the company would like to impersonate .

Source: Article by Barbara Spinelli, author of femicide, from social commentary to international legal recognition, Angeli, 2008


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