Monday, June 28, 2010

How Can Antacids Lead To More Serious Problems


"One in every three women worldwide suffer abuse in his family environment, a situation that affects, to a greater or lesser extent, all countries without exception, according to data from the Fund United Nations Women (UNIFEM). One every three women worldwide will be raped, assaulted, forced to have sexual relations or is otherwise abused during her lifetime [...] Violence not only destroys the lives of women, but the potential you might have in them. This causes serious losses and retreat into their own community ".
Noeleen Heyze, Executive Director of UNIFEM

In 1992 the UN includes violence in its definition of discrimination based on gender and the following year, the World Conference on Human Rights enshrines women's rights as fundamental rights. In '97, the European Women's Lobby and create the European Monitoring Centre for European Policy Action on violence against women and in '99, finally, the European Commission is promoting a campaign internationally against domestic violence.
In this regard it should be noted that most of - If not all - awareness campaigns on violence against women are not, as many are led to believe, only addressed to those who commit such violence. They are indeed mainly directed to those that violence, while not committing, do not recognize or report it, or so the fight.

What femicide?
E 'all forms of discrimination and violence directed against women "as a woman." E 'gender-based violence in all its forms. And 'the exercise of power that men and women have on society so that its behavior meets expectations of men and patriarchal society.
This form of control destroys the identity of the woman by subjecting it physically and / or psychologically, economically, legally, politically, socially.
Feminicide and 'the daily punishment for any woman who refuses to play its role in society, is the main obstacle to self-determination and the enjoyment of fundamental rights of more than half the world population. Feminicide through every age, every culture, every place.
As Bourdieu has argued, male domination over women is the oldest and most persistent forms of oppression exist.
Feminicide violates human rights of half the world, often with the connivance of the institutions.

Your body is a battleground , Barbara Kruger

No one will keep us from seeing , Amnesty International campaign for Pakistan

ABUSE The Truth Hurts. Violence Against Women and Children ,
campaign Ernestine's Women's Shelter, Toronto

Women all over the world in the last two centuries have taken a path with force policy and legal face to the claim that women's rights are human rights.
To date, there is a widespread awareness of this principle, which was taken as fundamental by both international bodies and by many States, which pledged to implement in practice by ratifying the CEDAW and / or the various regional conventions that affirm the women's fundamental rights.
However, despite the widespread awareness of the fact that the woman is a person, and therefore, like man, the bearer of a sphere of dignity, freedom, physical and psychological integrity inviolable, and although this principle is stato giuridicamente codificato, assistiamo a palesi violazioni dei diritti umani delle donne in tutto il mondo, per il solo fatto di essere donne.
In tutto il mondo, la prima causa di morte per le donne è il femminicidio.
In tutto il mondo, anche nei Paesi laddove i principi della CEDAW sono stati declinati in una normativa interna “di pari opportunità”, di fatto la donna viene ancora discriminata ed è soggetta a violenza quotidiana. L’Italia ne è un esempio significativo (vedasi le Raccomandazioni del Comitato per l’applicazione della CEDAW).
Il perché della persistenza e della pervasività delle discriminazioni e violenze di genere, si rinviene in un fattore comune: la persistenza e la pervasività di una mentalità patriarcale, che attraversa tutte le culture, ed è volta al controllo della donna come “risorsa creativa”, come “fattrice”, e dunque come perno della famiglia e della società stessa.
Fino a quando, in nome della religione o in nome del bene superiore della collettività, gli Stati sacrificheranno la libertà e l’autodeterminazione della donna alla tutela della “morale” e della “famiglia”, alla protezione della donna in funzione del suo ruolo sociale di madre e moglie, i diritti fondamentali delle donne continueranno ad essere calpestati.
Gli Stati che hanno ratificato CEDAW and other regional papers, have assumed an obligation in mind: ensure that women have citizenship or that they may in practice enjoy their fundamental rights. This implies an obligation for the state to take action to remove discriminatory situations not only through regulatory changes but also by promoting a cultural change, acknowledging that freedom of choice of the woman, her psychological and physical integrity are absolute values, that must be recognized without compromise.
Where there is a connivance at the institutional machismo, misogyny, patriarchy in, there is a responsibility of State.


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