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International Vulva Knitting Circle, Working Group 2008

The concept of femicide is complex and varied, we talked with Barbara Spinelli, Democratic Lawyers Association.

The term "femicide" is often a bit 'of confusion. Sometimes it is used only to indicate that violence leads to death of the woman. Can you clarify the meaning and implications of the word?
Lagarve Marcela, who is a South American sociologist, has coined this distinction between " femicidio " , which means the murder of women and "femicide " , which is used in a broader sense and implies all the violence, both physical and psychological, often directed against women and its annihilation, of course, precisely and as a psychic or moral annihilation sia come annientamento fisico. Quindi [il termine femminicidio] comprende violenze di entità diversa ma che sono accomunate tutte dal fatto di puntare, diciamo, ad una diminuzione del valore fisico o morale della donna.

Qual è, allora, la distinzione tra i concetti di “violenza di genere” e “femminicidio”, e perché, secondo voi, sarebbe più utile usare la parola “femminicidio”?
Diciamo che la violenza di genere si identifica con il femminicidio perché ogni violenza rivolta contro la donna in quanto donna va a colpirla personalmente.
Noi intendiamo parlare di femminicidio piuttosto that gender violence just for the femicide that has a symbolic value and is larger even greater impact on public opinion.
Above all, the term femicide we want to emphasize the common matrix that have all kinds of gender violence: being turned against the woman and have a destructive end to it. The single incident of molestation or rape should be contextualized socially, because it is repeated over time and is accompanied by other forms of harassment which can be precisely discrimination at work, the precarious life that she has to live because of the failure recognition in society.
[Putting together all these elements] is to better understand how the company culture going to affect the role of women and are in the minority and to destroy it physically and mentally.
You go in time to affect what is the identity and personality of the woman who is unable to self-determination.

National Day Against Violence Against Women , 2004

Demonstration against the oppression of women , Paris, March 15, 2009

Urban Guerrilla against the commodification of the female body in advertising
and Sexism , hands down by the body

So, in short, the goal is to get out a fragmented view of the different forms of violence against women to make a single concept.
Yes of course in law you can not talk about femmincidio, because it is right that violence is viewed in terms of several different entities. But political and cultural need to emphasize that the woman has the right to self-determination. The state must guarantee the right to life both the health, safety, how to self-determination . So speaking of femicide are avoided, for example, what are the abuses that can take the media going to take the single rape and making it a special case and not looking at the context in which it acted, and to all those who are social institutions that discriminate against women.

Source: femicide: a political term, article by Olivia Fiorilli on


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