Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Rosslyn Chapel reveals a new secret linked to the symbolism of the bee

The chapel made famous by "The Da Vinci Code " has recently revealed another secret. During the renovation workers have found that in two peaks, in the past, the bees had nested. Are clearly visible in the image remains hive. But the surprising thing is that the access hole in this "retreat" had been deliberately carved into a flower.
is therefore clear that the builders of the chapel have wanted to offer refuge to the work bug. Although it is possible to know a find is unprecedented, unique in its kind.
is worth then to dwell a moment on the possible symbolic meaning of bees and bee associated with Rosslyn Chapel. The book by Dan Brown, but especially that of the trio Baigent-Leigh-Lincoln " The Holy Grail", outlines the hypothesis that the chapel guard the secrecy of the descendants of Jesus and then the link between the royal line of David to the Merovingian. And 'now known that this theory is based on the forcing that the authors themselves have admitted during the case brought against Dan Brown for the undue exploitation of their idea, however, this new attention to detail bees could have a key to that is compatible with scenario. The bee was a symbol of royalty since the time of the Egyptians and as such was used associated with the Pharaohs, especially related to sovereignty over Lower Egypt. Also for the Egyptians it represented the god as born from the tears of Ra. In the course of history has also represented the same Jesus Christ, or rather, as an emblem of the resurrection because of its disappearance during the winter months and return in the spring. They were then own the Merovingians to reintroduce the symbol of the bee as a royal seal before the lotus flower. Napoleon himself after attempting a link with the family wanted the Merovingian symbol the bee. Note that the Merovingians were supplanted by the Carolingians through the intervention of the Vatican, that if contextualized in the dispute over the descendants of Jesus Assumma a precise meaning. It should also be considered to be the value determined by the bee alchemical ability to transform matter, the nectar into honey, which can be associated with the initiation process of masonry by which the novice, the rough stone is processed to become a perfect stone . So concluding this curious detail is certainly not random in the architecture of the famous church can correlate the main protagonists of even dubious theory of Sang Real, the Royal Blood: Jesus, the Merovingians and Freemasonry.


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