Thursday, April 8, 2010

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ZIQQURAT ON MARS? / Pictures on the red planet leave no doubt. Center for UFO is an artifact of Benevento

Mars, breaking news: photo shows a temple like the Sumerian ziggurat -

Incredibly it is the truth. The sensational discovery was the work not of the usual American researcher or stranger, but by Ennio Piccaluga, Italian scholar, editor of the border area and a leading expert on the planet Mars. Seeing is believing. The attached photographs speak for themselves. No, we are on Earth, but right on the Red Planet. The image of Figure 1, detail of a photograph taken by the European Mars Express spacecraft in 2004 shows what appears to be unquestionably a Sumerian ziggurat. Many will wonder why these images were made public only now. But it is not true. The fans already know this shocking reality in 2006, the output of the bestselling book by Ennio Piccaluga titled Oxymoron Mars. But it is time for this to become public domain. On Mars there was and perhaps still is, intelligent life.

In the picture of Figure 2, we see the ziggurat in black and white, which stand out even more details. Can not be mere coincidence, because each element is in place. According to the laws of probability is not such a combination of special nature can not make such jokes. To be convinced just look at the Figure 3, where the reconstruction is done by Patsy Nicholas Di Falco, who graphically has "eliminated the dust" on the monument on Mars, in strict compliance with the lights and shadows, making not only a picture but a real study that reproduces the reality beneath the dust of millennia. In the images that repeats itself, are real, we note the presence of a tower and seven steps just like ziggurat in the land.

Other evidence of the crater are clearly artificial square that looks very good in the upper right, especially in black and white photos (the meteorites do not dig craters squares). Since it is located very close to the ziggurat, it is likely that there has been extracted from his material to build the monument. The space agencies maybe they want anything leaked. To confirm this, we cite the case of the European Space Agency employee fired in 2004 because he dared to say that the structures seen in some photos taken from space probes to Mars were not natural but built by someone. As for the UFO phenomenon, people must be kept in the dark, perhaps because many would be shocked to know that other beings besides humans evolved.

But it's only a matter of time. The general public will know much more in these days, when it hits newsstands April issue of "border area" direct their own monthly magazine by Piccaluga, devoted to these issues, science, UFOs and the so-called border issues and that has already dealt with different numbers of these hot revelations. But the bomb will explode in a very short time between when TV will air the episode of Voyager, which has already registered Piccaluga, dedicated to the revelations of Oxymoron Mars. It's about time this happened, the public needs to know. Because the ziggurat is just a small appetizer of shocking reality is that the planet can. This is just the beginning and in the coming days he will see some good even on the internet, hoping that someone will not try to stop the truth because, no doubt, the story as we know it must be rewritten.


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