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Volo AZ0782 FCO-NRT, 18 settembre 2010, terza parte: il volo e i pasti...

Continued from here ...

Third party (here the first and second ).
We're going to take the flight AZ0782, an Alitalia Boeing 777-243/ER with brands I-inequality that Rome Fiumicino (LIRF / FCO) in approximately 12 hours will lead us directly to the 成 田 国际 空港 ( Narita Kokusai Kuko - Narita International Airport ) or as it was known until 2004 (and as he was called by the speaker in the splendid and unforgettable opening sequence of Lost In Translation ) 東京 国際 空港 成田 ( Shin -Tōkyō Kokusai Kūkō Narita - Nuovo aeroporto internazionale di Tokyo Narita )(RJAA/NRT), che si trova nella 千葉 ( Chiba- ken - prefettura di Chiba ).

( Picture by Plane Hunter , ) We are on board the vessel is completed. Everyone seats are equipped with a green wool blanket and a pillow , both sterilized and sealed in a plastic bag. Although it is of excellent quality, the seats and in general the 'furniture Alitalia aircraft is almost always quite shabby : Some seats have malfunction of the spring backrest recline , remote commands AVOD systems are often destroyed, with bare wires, always with some buttons not working, their slots in the armrests have quasi sempre lo sportellino smollato se non completamente fuori dalle relative cerniere di rotazione. Alcuni schermi degli AVOD sono danneggiati da atti di vandalismo , come raschiature di chiave (nel 2007 al ritorno ho volato con un AVOD che aveva disegnato un bello "smile" nello schermo"). Il pessimo stato di tutto ciò, ahimè, dipende principalmente dagli animali che vengono trasportati su questi aerei, si sa che gli Italiani non tengono molto al bene pubblico . Di certo sugli aerei JAL è raro vedere delle attrezzature ridotte in un certo stato, e il malfunzionamento di un PTV precede un sicuro cambiamento di posto se non un fortunato upgrade in classe business: in caso di malfunzionamento del sistema, in Alitalia (se unable to get his attention) comes a flight attendant that you would kill to have it disturbed, restart your system for all its angry row with your mates place and almost never does not solve the problem, I have to keep as is .

( Picture by Plane Hunter , ) In previous post I talked about the box hardware system AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) under the seats in the column "L". Not I had photographed, but just today I found a picture that portrays. Unfortunately, having such a thing under the seat in front is not the most comfortable ...

( Picture by Plane Hunter , ) After takeoff, the flight attendants distributed to all passengers headphones for the entertainment system also been sterilized and sealed in an envelope. After take-off and initial climb the AVOD is turned on. This is the screen: You can access the GPS map in time real information about the parameters of flight and position, with an expensive satellite phone to credit card ; play simple video games, listening to music, shopping by catalog Alitalia explore the destinations served by Alitalia, watch movies and programs television as I said " on demand" access to an area of \u200b\u200bentertainment for children. There is also a service instruction peri less practical.

Immediately after the car is prepared for lunch ...

( Photo by David Cassanelli ) These mountains under the wing of the 777 EI-DDH should be the Apennine Mountains ...

In this picture you can see the wing of the specimen I-inequality (with the new color, the word "Alitalia" is italicized and green, make the comparison with the photo above) deformed by the weight of the plane, this effect is called " wing bending " and is normal, no fear ...

But there comes the lunch hour, the car comes alive, and our flight attendants and a little reluctantly suddenly we need the tray. It seemed that they were doing us a favor, a favor, to do so ... this was my impression. But Japan's JAL flight attendants were not much better ...

And here is the dining room as usual I took the Japanese meat menu (you could choose an alternative to Italian and it seems to me that there was an option of the menu Japanese fish as on JAL): we have a pan with hot steamed rice to the Japanese, four slices of chicken lightly caramelised slices of carrots, pickled ginger (the red one), a kind of shiitake mushroom (the black rectangle) and green beans. To the left is the bowl of cold smoked Norwegian salmon, the steamed vegetables on a bed of daikon. There are snacks that include a bowl of butter spread, a small pack of crackers on which microscopic spread butter and an intriguing micro-snack pack of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Apart from that I hate mushrooms, so that kind of black thing round and lean, remained where he was, it was all fairly good: the ginger gave this Japanese taste to the meat and rice, even if those beans not we were to do nothing. The salmon was abundant and I love smoked salmon. The cooked vegetables not inspired me and I left. Unfortunately, my expectations were too optimistic for Parmesan cheese: it was not absolutely good, I had to leave that too ...

( Photo by David Cassanelli ) And here was the lunch served to David on October 7 EI-DDH on sheet. But we make a comparison between the two ...

Apparently I was luckier than me! In the room of David's half of the salmon, the middle of the daikon, A say A slice of boiled carrots and green beans instead of the broccoli, there are (maybe I preferred the broccoli). The meat also seems to be served in smaller quantities and, above all, horror of horrors, there is the pickled ginger! But do not miss the mushroom ...

By comparison then with meals JAL, always made from the same catering company in Heathrow on specific company but I guess a little different: we net loss, however :

I have grouped all the meals return trips to Japan I played so far: the best ones were definitely marked JAL in 2007 and 2008, but first things first:

September 18, 2007 (JAL) Japanese meat menu:
- hot pan with chicken and caramelized beef stew, pickled ginger, steamed rice to the Japanese, scrambled eggs and peas.
- little bowl of soba noodles and wasabi.
- bowl with a sort of capon in Japanese.
- with a bowl of fresh fruit salad.
- Condiments: bottle, sauce for cold soba noodles, soy sauce packet.
- Accessories: fork, spoon and knife, steel, wooden chopsticks and napkin.
- Choice of beverage (I had taken water).
- A hot drink choice.

August 19, 2008 (JAL), Japanese menu of meat
- hot pan with chicken and caramelized beef stew, pickled ginger, steamed rice to the Japanese, scrambled eggs and peas.
- little bowl of soba noodles and wasabi.
- Norwegian smoked salmon with a small bowl, cream butter, olive and a slice of lemon.
- with a bowl (Paradise) with strawberry cream (of which are still a vivid memory ...).
- Condiments: bottle, sauce for cold soba noodles, soy sauce packet.
- Accessories: fork, spoon and steel knife, wooden chopsticks and napkin.
- Choice of beverage (I got orange juice).
- A hot drink.

September 20, 2009 (JAL), Japanese menu of meat
- hot pan with chicken and caramelized (very little) beef stew (very little), pickled ginger, steamed rice to the Japanese (without the scrambled eggs), and peas.
- little bowl of soba noodles and wasabi.
- bowl with a salad and squalid scarnissima
- a thin slice of French bread (?)
- Seasonings: Bottle with a sauce for cold soba noodles, soy sauce packet.
- Accessories: fork, spoon and knife, steel, wooden chopsticks and napkin.
- Choice of beverage (I got orange juice).
- A hot drink.

And then there's this flight, but unfortunately there is no longer soba, nor the (heavenly) strawberry cream, or beef stew nor even the scrambled eggs, although pan with the salmon is greater. There is a nice sandwich, which should overcome the shortcomings, but it does certainly in a less exotic and tasty. The drink is a red orange juice.

And surprisingly, for dessert, we were then served a small cornetto ice cream! What a welcome touch of class!

But we come to breakfast, served just before landing:

We have: a low-quality industrial croissant filled with cream, a tray with two slices of smoked ham, two bits of salad totally unattractive color, an olive, mozzarella, cherry and two from reassuring little yellowish. Do not miss the sandwich here, if not more useful to spread butter and jam included. Finally a strawberry yogurt. Even for breakfast we have the opportunity to choose a beverage of your choice in addition to the usual hot drink that never fails.

We see what happened in previous years:

Here we have a breakfast of all four flights so far I have made to reach Japan: JAL had three, and the last, that we are discussing, Alitalia.

September 19, 2007 (JAL), set menu:
- hot pan with some sort of lasagna covered with white sauce and cubes of bacon.
- microscopic bowl with a fruit salad.
- A fruit yogurt
- A low-quality industrial croissant
- A pack of jam and butter, but there was nothing on which to spread.
- A beverage of your choice.
- A hot drink.

August 20, 2008 (JAL), set menu:
- hot pan with a pre-grilled sausage, lasagna rolls with tomato sauce and cheese, two lumps of mashed potatoes and a blanket of white sauce flavored with herbs .
- microscopic bowl with a fruit salad.
- Uno yogurt di frutta.
- Un cornetto industriale di bassa qualità.
- Un cioccolato Mars e una confezione di burro (senza niente su cui spalmarlo).
- Una bevanda a scelta.
- Una bevanda calda a scelta.

21 settembre 2009 (JAL), menù fisso:
- Vaschetta calda con pancetta, una cipolla dolce, una homelette ripiena di ketchup e formaggio, UN pomodorino ciliegia.
- Ciotolina con una microscopica macedonia di frutta.
- Un succo di frutta in brik da 250ml
- Un cornetto industriale di bassa qualità.
- A hot drink.

And we come to the breakfast of this flight: seems that Alitalia, compared to JAL, slight hot meals for breakfast and more points on a Mediterranean breakfast , while risking a salt component in the menu, but creepy even the dead. Brilliant for the sandwich spread butter and jam, so as not to be wasted in JAL.

Aft Alitalia is set up in the "Sky Oasis" , which is nothing but a table where you can always find a bottle of water, a bottle of Coca-Cola and a bottle of juice orange red fruit strictly . Is there something similar in the JAL flights, but is useful only for the delicious Japanese snacks available throughout the flight because the flight attendants running with a Japanese pitcher of water ready to fill the glasses. On the other hand Alitalia flight attendants ... disappear. themselves up in the aft galley and after dinner do not see them until the hour of breakfast . As mentioned above, call for an emergency or a malfunction dell'AVOD no avail, the call button is only there for show.

The sun will rise, the Sea of \u200b\u200bJapan is under a thick blanket of clouds and mist, it begins the descent to Tokyo ... (More. ..)

(Here first and second part)


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