Monday, December 20, 2010

What Does Blepharitis Look Like

Nicola e la sfiga Giapponese

One day the neighbors bought a new car: a beautiful dark blue Polo brand. Shiho saw the car and was horrified. I asked, amazed (but not too much) and resigned, "because ?

- "
bad luck."

But back to the top of this story. Well, I superstition of the Japanese I've now made the call. Like when I got the idea to buy a used car, and Shiho uttered a curt and peremptory "no . I asked amazed " why?

- "
Because when a person buys a new car, puts us inside his mind, so when you buy a used car, buy a car with the spirit of another person " .

I always amazed and amused I said: " haha, now you've forgotten to take the pill for hallucinations, but she believes more and more serious and absolutely said

-" I say
really, really even if you decide to buy a used car, I'll have to tell my mother, and she was very angry .

To which of course started the altercation, impauritissimo I clearly told her to tell his mother to let us have the money for a new car, given that disdained the idea of \u200b\u200ba used car. And here's how I discovered that the Japanese are very superstitious , besides haunted by ghosts, but that's another story.

But back to the car of neighbors: blue Polo brand. Why brought bad luck? It was new, and was its first owner. After a brief investigation I discovered why: number plates ** 444 ** (omit the real words for obvious reasons).
The number 4 in Japan brings bad luck.

( Photo here ) In Japanese language "four" is written and read 四 ( Yon ), but reads well 四 (Shi ). The latter reading is however the same ideogram 死 ( Shi ), which means "death." So that is why the number four is unlucky. NEVER give the same four things for a Japanese.

is why when we were in the town of 庵 治 ( Aji ) in 高 松 ( Takamatsu- shi - city of Takamatsu) 香 川 県 ( Kagawa-ken - Kagawa prefecture) on the island of 四 国 (Shikoku ), Shiho wanted to run away from that gas station abandoned (the photo above): a child-fuck or its equivalent had arranged the numbers on the pump into disrepair so as to form a beautiful ... 444.4

( Picture from Wikipedia ) But the Japanese are brave enough, however: the 国 道 444 号 ( Kokudō Yon Hyaku-ju-yon yon go - National Road 444), which runs for 73.5 kilometers from the prefecture of Nagasaki Prefecture Saga, is the proof. However, the number four is never specified, nor in the number of seats of passenger aircraft, or railway carriages.

But let another day: I bought a new scooter. It 's my fourth
scooter (after 3 wasps). The last day to use the latest Vespa, the silver, coming in the garage, parking, and look at the speedometer: scored 56. 444 ! I stopped a moment and I thought, and if it leads jinx? was like one o'clock at night, in silence, I pulled back out of the garage sale, I turned and I've been around the block just to get to 56,445 ...

will do so? : D

last chapter of the horror movie: last night the thermometer cazzutissimo clock in my room was broken for a few minutes, and scored 4.0 degrees !!!!!! Vi giuro non l'ho messo nel freezer per fare la finta, si è davvero bloccato così... porterà sfiga???

E vado a dormire con questo pensiero terrificante. Buonanotte...


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